What is sensor dust? And what does it look like?

If you change the lens of the camera, internal dust and dirt may occur. When replacing the lens, please protect in the front of the camera as much as possible. Do not replace the lens in an environment that may cause unnecessary stains such as sand and wind. Of course,

Care and maintenance of your first DSLR

You need to know List of most important notes This is a big problem, one of the most important things to keep in mind. If you keep for a long time in a camera bag etc. without using a lens bag or copy protect cap, dust and dust may strike

Better rumors and prognosis

Can you see a Canon camera without a big mirror this year? A new line of the mirrorless model of Nikon? How is the Fujifilm X series popularly developed? Everything is possible at this time of the year. In most major photo events such as CES and CP + in

The best digital SLR: what you need to know as a lover

For decades, digital cameras were the first choice for those who wanted to change their photography. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the digital camera offers three attractive elements: manual control, excellent image quality, interchangeable lenses. 1. CANON EOS 800D Multipurpose digital single lens reflex for beginners, Canon’s

Before purchasing the three best devices

1. Nikon D 850 The slow march from Miller less battalion to DSLR was limited by the magnificent D 850. The camera that sells a lot to sell DSLR on other models is an excellent all-in-one for those who like the D850. Advanced users can see how to handle various

How can I purchase the best 2018 camera?

In terms of image quality, DSLR (Normal) is always on top. There are many excellent compact cameras, but the traditional house looks like the appearance, feel, dynamics of SLR. Fortunately, depending on what you are looking for, the market has many opportunities. You can be a beginner, a beginner, a